Avid for experience, we help people achieve their extraordinary ideas. Since 1962, we have been explorers and voyagers in the domain of offset printing.

We are used to seeking elegance and printing sophisticated projects on our 70 x 100 pressesWe absorb other people’s ideas to enhance our own experience. We feed our creativity on the gaze of others that tell us stories, and on magic that falls copiously and lies everywhere. Let’s hug the emotions that fluctuate in every project, binding them together not to lose any feeling. Hold the emotions that will inflame nights and days at work. You’ll get a thrill when you’ll decide to leaf through those pages.

OGM, Offset Printing Services

We have been offering high quality strong offset printing services to our global clients since 1962. For decades, we have provided professional, high-quality services and created unique, luxury art books and displays for demanding brands in the design, fashion, art, photography and luxury industries, among others. We always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and printing techniques and only work with high-end, sophisticated materials, cutting plotters, and paper and packaging products, all to ensure we are producing the best quality printing jobs around.

When you need quality, our offset printing services are just what you need, even if you only require a few copies. We have the capacity to produce anything from a handful of printed issues to thousands of copies for large-scale, worldwide distribution.

We print in the sunshine only

Quality is our priority. We consider that essential to answer the requests of those who want to print their project with us. That’s way we decided not to have any night shift: colors accuracy and precision can be guaranteed during the day only. Eyes see better with natural light. Sunshine enables us to distinguish the shades of color: nothing escapes our eagle eyes.

Accurate and precise printing colors
speed, accuracy and punctuality to meet the highest possible quality standards

Never Say No

We undertake unexplored paths everyday with astonished eyes and the determination of our in-house Prepress Department that follows a Kodak Prinergy workflow + gmg with Ctp Kodak Magnus 800. Our Prepress is able to produce about 400 sheets per day. We have 3 offset machines and a well-organized team that combine speed, accuracy and punctuality to meet the highest possible quality standards.

speed, accuracy and punctuality to meet the highest possible quality standards

Printing is the sum of expertises

We are an essential part of the creative process. We feel responsible for what we produce. We receive an idea and we mold it: we turn your idea into reality. We are a master in all the printing, binding and packaging techniques. We love experimenting and acquiring new skills.

printing, binding and packaging techniques masters

Offset Book Printing

Your book deserves the best. And we understand that you require high quality offset book printing services in order to stand out and attract your readers and customers. When you need excellent quality, top-tier customer service, and experienced professionals for your book printing project, choose OGM and our luxury book printing services. We provide bespoke, tailored book printing services that result in unique, luxurious, and high quality art books. Our flexibility and wide range of options gives brands the freedom to express and represent themselves in print in a unique way. In addition, our wide selection of bindings and finishes ensure your book looks as unique as its content is.

Commercial Printing Services

Our commercial offset printing services reflect the professional nature and high standards of your company. We use the latest technologies to produce stunning printed projects, time after time. Offset printing produces sharp, colorful, and vibrant images and texts for all types of commercial printing projects. Some of the offset commercial printing products we print are: books, catalogs, point-of-purchase displays. Enhance the effect of your point-of-purchase displays, dedicated corner displays, and other commercial printing products with our professional printing services. Our steadfast passion, combined with the pursuit of quality and first-rate finishes, are the guiding force behind OGM.