Singer sewn book binding

Singer sewn book binding is a simple, stylish, and elegant binding method. This technique consists of sewing a visible thread across the entire spine, giving printed projects a traditional touch. You can choose among a wide variety of options for thread color to personalize your book or catalog. This style of binding creates a sturdy and easy-to-read book because it allows its pages to lay flat when opened. That means your book will be easy for readers to view, access, and enjoy.

Saddle binding

Saddle binding is a classic among binding methods. It is simple, practical and elegant. The booklets are folded, gathered and sewn together along the center fold.

Block binding

The block binding consists in cutting and collecting the pages including the cover, all sewn at a distance of about 0.5 / 1 cm from the reverse on the front plate.
The stitching thus obtained is immediately visible and gives the product a refined and contemporary artisan flavor.

No matter your needs, we are experts at sewn binding book printing.

Other available bindings: Saddle-stitch, Singer Sewn, Spiral, Paperback, Hardcover and more.

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