Paperback book printing

Paperback or soft cover is the most popular form of book printing in the world. Paperback books are light, easy-to-handle, and affordable. In addition, when paperback books are bound using high-quality methods and services like ours, they are also durable. That means your paperback book will survive the wear and tear of being read, re-read, and passed on to future generations. Lightweight, easy-to-carry, and cost-effective paperback books are perfect for connecting with your customers and readers.

Here at OGM, we offer high-quality, luxury paperback book printing for any occasion. Our wide array of binding options gives you the flexibility you need to bring the book of your dreams to life.
Your book cover is what initially attracts attention and makes your book stand out on the shelf. Take your book to the next level with stylish and durable cloth bound book printing. Our cloth covers add a touch of luxury professionalism, and tradition to any printing project. You can also add a cloth cover to a deluxe or limited-edition of your book.

Available Finishes

Choose from our range of high-quality, durable finishes:

  • Milled paperback binding: It is the simplest of the book bindings on the market and is generally used for books, catalogs or magazines. The book block is milled on the spine and is sprinkled with glue at that point and joined to the cover. Traditional Hot Metl glue or polyurethane PUR glue can be used which allows for a more resistant and durable bond.
  • Stitched paperback binding: Also called thread-sewn paperback binding, this binding is by far the most used, it consists in sewing all the booklets that make up the book / catalog in the center and then gluing them to the cover at the spine. The cover can be raw cut or may have one or two flaps which are often used to add more information and / or to give more texture to the final product.
  • Swiss paperback binding: It is an elegant and refined binding, it gives the book a luxury look and at the same time firmly consolidates the pages between logos with a canvas or paper spine. The book block is then glued onto a cover leaving a beautiful highlights the finish of the back.

Other available bindings: Saddle-stitch, Singer Sewn, Spiral, Paperback, Hardcover and more.

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