Serigraphic and UV varnish

Add a layer of luxury, shine, and durability to your printing project with our UV varnish. If you are looking to create a unique, professional-looking publication, a dose of our high-gloss UV varnish will do the trick. Spot UV book cover: Make your next book cover pop with spot UV, a clear varnish used on a specific area of your book cover. It is the perfect solution to highlight and draw attention to the best parts of your cover.

Available Finishes

  • Gloss varnish gives your project an added boost of shine, sharpness, and reflection. You can use gloss on specific areas or spots of the print you want to highlight. You can also use gloss all over your printing project to provide extra, overall protection for your piece.
  • Matte varnish gives a non-glossy, no-glare look to your printed piece and protects it from distracting, messy fingerprints. Colors and images look a little softer, and text and images printed in matte are easier to see and read.
  • Raised Spot UV makes a specific area of your project stand out by adding reflective contrast and textural highlights.
  • Silkscreen printing technque can be used on almost any surface and adapts beautifully to the texture of the paper or surface used for printing. A smooth surface or paper results in sharp images, while a heavy-textured surface absorbs the ink and creates a softer image.

Serigraphic Varnish Features

  • Embossed gold or silver
  • Flat or thick gloss
  • Flat or thick matt
  • Thermosensitive
  • Scented
  • Luminescent
  • Blackboard effect

Other finishes available: UV varnish, Lamination, Blocking, Foil stamping, Die-cutting, gilding, Stickers and more.

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