Blocking, debossing and embossing

Blocking is a printing process that gives the surface a refined visual and tactile effect, gives antique charm and gratifying sensations.
The skilful production of cliches combined with a skilled knowledge of materials guide us towards increasingly detailed and emotional solutions that lend themselves well to finishing covers, displays and prestigious invitations.

High-quality embossing & debossing services

We have been offering high-quality embossing & debossing services to our global clients for years. For decades, we have provided professional, high-quality services and created unique, luxury products for demanding brands in the design, fashion, art, and luxury industries, among others. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available Finishes

In block printing, we offer two stunning finishes that are opposites of each other: embossing and debossing. In short terms, to emboss is to raise and to deboss is to depress.

  • Embossing: when the pattern design is raised or elevated against the surface of the material.
  • Debossing: when the pattern design is lowered or sunk into the surface of the material.

Other finishes available: UV varnish, Lamination, Blocking, Foil stamping, Die-cutting, gilding, Stickers and more.

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