Foil stamping

Our foil stamping service is what you need to make your project stand out. This printing method involves the application of a metallic film on paper, canvas or other surfaces. The skilful workmanship of the brass or alloy cliches make it possible to embellish the support giving it a precious, luminous and brilliant appearance.

Holographic foil

Holographic foils uses laser-made films that give bi / three-dimensional effects. These hot foils are used to highlight and preciousness in the decoration of certain details, for a surprising and futuristic look to your project.

Available Finishes

The hot stamping technique with foil is available in different colors and finishes, the best known and most used finishes are those that involve the use of gold, silver and bronze colors.

We offer foil stamping with the following gorgeous finishes:

  • Gold Film
  • Silver Film
  • Colored film
  • Transparent Film
  • Holographic Film

OGM has been offering high-quality printing services to its global clients since 1962. You can count on us to meet for all your foil stamping needs.

Other finishes available: UV varnish, Lamination, Blocking, Foil stamping, Die-cutting, gilding, Stickers and more.

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