UV-LED printing services

We continuously invest in technology to better assist our clients and better service their innovative requests. UV-LED printing consists of a one-step process. In this process, ink is applied directly to an object and is immediately cured by UV light. UV-LED printing creates durable, premium, luxurious printed pieces that are great for brands looking to stand out from their competition. This unique technology leaves a long-lasting and outstanding first impression.

Our high-end UV-LED printing services produce luxury products that meet the expectations of customers in demanding sectors such as design, furniture, ceramics, photography, fashion, luxury, and art industries, among others. Our quality is sought out by big brands such as Taschen, Louis Vuitton and Dior, and many others. When you need quality, our UV-LED offset printing services are just what you need.

Reasons for choosing UV-LED Printing

It is versatile: UV ink is compatible with a wide range of media formats, meaning you can choose UV-LED printing for almost any printing project.

It is fast and consistent: UV-LED printing produces vibrant colors that are consistent with the data file produced in prepress. UV-LED printing is also faster than other printing methods because it dries very quickly.

It is durable: UV inks are scratch-resistant and do not fade when exposed to the sun.

Its ink is eco-friendly: UV-LED ink does not release toxic volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere when printed.

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