Museums are not stuffy buildings that house old relics. Instead, they are places that collect and protect scientific specimens and works of art that tell us about our world, our history, and our various cultures. These are important places for heritage conservation and dissemination of knowledge.

Museums catalogues printing

Beautiful images reproduce the wonders of the museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. They enthrall anyone looking at them and encourage people to visit museums more often.

Choose OGM for all your needs in an exemplary museum book printing service. We have the skills and experience you need to present your collection and exhibitions in its very best light. OGM also offers an excellent museums catalogues printing service. If you wish to promote an exhibition, we will make sure that everything is perfect and that you can how something that the visitor is keen on seeing and discover personally.

OGM is delighted to announce that the book “Napoli Super Modern” we produced was as one of the 10 Best Architecture Books of the Year during the 13th edition of the DAM Architectural Book Award, jointly presented by the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM). OGM produced this book for Park Books (Switzerland) and Quodlibet (Italy), who have published it respectively in English and in Italian in cooperation with LAN Paris (Local Architecture Network).

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