Luxury Paper

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Did you know that your printed materials will look different depending on the type of paper they are printed on?
At OGM, we work with several luxury paper types to create the ultimate in custom-designed print work. Matte-coated paper and gloss-coated paper. Silk-coated paper. Uncoated paper and bulk natural paper. These options are used for specific applications that elevate the printed work’s look and feel.

When working with high-end paper, it’s crucial to remember that its weight influences the printing results. High ink covers and highly refined images require a paper of equivalent weight. UV inks with LED lights (which provide immediate drying) can give excellent results with lighter-weight papers. Let’s learn more about the different types of luxury paper.


Different Types of Paper Textures

Each of these types of paper textures brings different characteristics. Selecting the best luxury paper for the job helps to ensure a successful result.

Matte Coated and Gloss Coated Paper

Gloss paper has a high-shine finish and a smooth, sleek appearance. It’s often used for flyers and leaflets since it enhances the appearance of printed colors.

Matte-coated luxury paper is a popular option for making books, magazines, and other forms of copy-based print projects. It is selected for these purposes because it doesn’t reflect light like gloss-coated paper. Matte luxury paper is also much easier to write on.

Silk Coated Paper

The silk-coated paper finish is between the matte-coated luxury paper and the gloss-coated paper. This luxury paper is an excellent choice for printing work, and  as it has the smooth finish of glossy paper without the reflective shine.

Silk-coated paper is made by fastening silk fibers together, as the name implies. The resulting paper product has a luxurious texture often used in magazines.

When silk-coated paper is used with an LED UV printing process, the result is a stunning ink-to-paper contrast. Silk-coated paper is a luxury item not used to print standard brochures.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is the grade commonly used in office printers. It doesn’t have any coating, and this feature makes it the perfect type for using inks where absorbency is not a concern. Unfortunately, this paper’s lack of a surface layer means it is more easily damaged due to stains, scuffs, and tears.

Bulk Natural Paper

Bulk natural paper is in high demand from design studios and publishing houses because it is available in several weights and colors ranging from ultra white to ivory. Printed products with this paper option look attractive as the final result appears elegant and refined.


With multiple varieties of luxury paper available, it can produce the desired effect in books, catalogues, and stand-alone displays. OGM uses only luxury paper for its UV-led printing service.
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