Prepress service

In Ogm we know that the printing quality depends on the capacity of managing the images, of correcting their colors and balancing contrasts and intensity. That’s way we value our staff, keep them constantly updated and put at their disposal last-generation equipment in order to achieve excellent results and impeccable printing files.

prepress service

We provide high-quality offset prepress printing services that ensure your project gets started on the right foot. Our efficient prepress department is staffed by a qualified team of dedicated professionals that work with the latest-generation equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Prepress is the first step in the printing process. We start with a one-on-one consultation to determine what you need and how we can best meet your expectations. Once we have set and determined your goals, the printing process starts in our prepress department.

The prepress team also checks typeset and colors, retouches images, corrects color, and ensures page layout is correct. In this step, we make sure the final product will accurately represent the look and feel of the data contained in the data file. Our full-service team is available to guide you and answer your questions throughout the entire printing process, from prepress to press to post-press.

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