Spiral bound and wire-o binding

Here at OGM we have always offered our customers quality spiral binding services. Over the years, we have dedicated a high quality printing service to clients form different businesses and produced wonderful books.

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In spiral-bound book printing, holes are punctured into the sides of the pages of the book and a plastic spiral is strung or threaded through the holes. In wire-bound book printing, a metal wire is strung or threaded through the holes. In wire-O-bound book printing, single or double metal rings are used to bind together each individual hole.


  • The continuous metal spiral or wire-O binding: consists in threading a metal wire through the holes along the edge of the block to be bound.
  • The continuous plastic spiral binding: wraps the block with a plastic thread of various colors of your choice.

Available bindings

At OGM, we offer high quality spiral bindings made of plastic, metal and wire. Our wide range of options gives you the flexibility and freedom of choice you need to complete your project.
The spiral bindings available are:

  • Wire-O spiraling of different diameters and colors
  • metal or plastic spiral available in various colors.

OGM has been offering high quality spiral binding services to its global clients for years. For decades, we have provided professional, high-quality services and created unique, luxury products for demanding brands in the design, fashion, art, and luxury industries, among others.

Other available bindings: Saddle-stitch, Singer Sewn, Spiral, Paperback, Hardcover and more.

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