Murales of Tibet

24.5 x 34.2cm Portrait
532 pages printed four colors on Arctic Volume Ivory with high density inks PAN 4C.
Cover front panel is wrapped with Setalux cloth printed four colors while the back cover’s panel as well as the inside panels are covered with red linen.
Particularly attractive, the careful gold stamping in registration with the image in front cover.
Bodonian binding, sewn in sections with round back.

In this volume, the author and Buddhist academic Robert Thurman takes us to a mystic journey throughout his in-depth essays on the spiritual meaning of the frescoes while the captions of Heather Stoddard and Jakob Winkler illuminate the history and the artistic context that have created each image.
Signed by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the book is a revelation for scholars, aficionados of Tibet as well as for practitioners of Buddhism, yoga, meditation, andmindfulness.

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